I've seen lots of beaches, shores, coasts all across the different states of the USA. However if I had to pick a favorite one it would definitely be the Oregon coast. Sadly I won't be able to oversaturate you with helpful informations about the state of Oregon. All I could discover within a couple of days was the lovely city Portland and the shore area Cannon Beach. 

I exactly remember the first second I noticed the Haystack Rock in front of us, while sitting in our rental car, and the music of "The Album Leaf" was playing on the radio. It was an instant of pure beauty, watching upon the rock, and hearing the melodies in the background. It's been told that Haystack Rock would be the 3rd biggest intertidal (reachable from the land) sea stack in the world! 

We were on our way from Seattle, south-bound towards California. So when leaving Portland after two days, we decided to drive west, and follow the highway all along the Oregon coast. I'd recommend Oregon to every single one, who loves nature and the sea. I wish I could have spent more time in the area, however we only had 3 weeks to do the whole west coast, and most of our hotels were already pre-booked back then.

Don't expect any palmtrees, and crowds of tourists sunbathing on the beach. That's the main difference between southern-californian sand beaches and the rocky cliffs of the Oregon shore. I will high probably visit Oregon in 2016 again, and bring back a lot more of useful informations about its beautiful state.